How fast do you surf?

To get the most accurate results make sure that your computer is not busy downloading anything or streaming audio and video files.

How does the speedtest work?


The test downloads a file to your computer and then removes it again – by measuring the time it takes to do so, the test establishes your effective upload and download speeds. Speed measurement results can be influenced by various factors. So if you wish to obtain true results, please ensure that the following points apply.

How to obtain optimal results:

  • Please note that you generally obtain quicker test results if you use a network cable instead of WLAN to connect your computer to the Internet.
  • To achieve optimum test results, the computer should be connected directly to the router. Please ensure that the length of the TV connection cable does not exceed 6 metres.
  • When measuring the connection speed, please close all other broadband-intensive applications on your computer, such as downloads and audio or video streaming.
  • Always use the most recent version of your browser.
  • Please note that other people using your local network at home can affect the test results.




The test procedure was developed by cnlab, an independent technology & research company. The speed test is conducted

by cnlab to ensure that your test results are not influenced in any way.