Internet services of upc cablecom

When you choose an Internet product from upc cablecom you will have access to a number of additional internet services. This includes our Internet Security Package, Webmail and much more.

Webmail (E-Mail via Web browser)

No need to worry if you are on holiday or on a business trip. You can access your e-mails anytime and from anywhere in the world via All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. You can sort your e-mails according to different criteria on the Webmail interface: Sender, subject, data, size, etc. If you use additional e-mail addresses, you can also display the messages of these addresses conveniently in Webmail.

The maximum storage space per e-mail address is 5 GB. The maximum size of an e-mail is restricted to 15 MB (sending and receiving).


Spam filtering

Being flooded with unwanted e-mails is now a thing of the past. If you wish, upc cablecom’s spam filter can automatically filter incoming e-mails. You can decide if spam mails are to be flagged, moved to a spam folder or immediately deleted.


Address book

In the address book you can manage your contacts, create groups and forward e-mails or send SMS. You can also conveniently import or export existing data (i.e. MS Outlook).


Antivirus Control

Incoming e-mails are automatically scanned for viruses. This does not however replace the need for antivirus software (i.e. Internet Security Package).

E-Mail (POP3 / IMAP)

As an upc cablecom Internet customer, you can use up to 5 e-mail addresses ( with one up-to-date e-mail-programme.  E-mails are received via POP3 or IMAP and sent via SMTP.

The maximum size of an e-mail is restricted to 15 MB (sending and receiving).

Internet Security Package

The upc cablecom complete security solution protects your computer effectively against threats from the Internet. The Internet Security Package includes antivirus protection, spyware protection and also a firewall and parental control. The best protection for CHF 60.– per year.

My UPC – your online customer centre

My UPC is your online customer centre, where you can view and manage your personal information around the clock. We offer you a variety of functions:

  • Order new products
  • Check your bills
  • View unbilled costs
  • Update profile
  • Activate additional services