Protect your computer, with the Internet Security Package!


Whether antivirus, browser protection, firewall, child safety, or spam and phishing filters: with the Internet Security Package you are completely protected.

Internet Security Package 2014

Protect your computer


Order your 1-year licence key here and protect up to 3 computers for CHF 60.–.


Download software:


Offer for new customers:

First licence key free for one year

(usable only for one computer)


  1. Download the software and install it on your computer
  2. During the installation you will beasked to enter the INSTALLATION KEY. You received this with the delivery of your Internet product.

What you get:

Computer Security

  • Complete protection against viruses and spyware
  • Firewall: protection against hackers
  • E-mail security: blocking spam and phishing e-mails
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Protection against unexpected invoices dues to mobile internet use

Online Safety

  • Recognizes dangerous websites and offers protection
  • Parental control: allows you to set certain parameters to help protect your children when they surf
  • Personal settings for every user

Awards for F-Secure Internet Security 2012/13


Information on Internet Security Package

If you have forgotten your access key

Click here and enter the e-mail address that you used to register. We will then send you your licence key immediately by e-mail.

Information on F-Secure

Millions of users and business customers trust the services of F-Secure. The services of F-Secure are easy to use and offer free support in case of difficulties

System requirements

Hardware requirements

  • Processor: supporting Windows 7 or Windows Vista
  • RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
  • HD space: 600 MB for the installation
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Hi speed Internet connection

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 8 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 (all editions)
  • Windows Vista (all editions)
  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition
  • OS X

Supported languages

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • Italiano