+++ Important notice for customers who use Wi-Free with an iPhone or iPad +++

Read why your device is no longer connecting to Wi-Free automatically.

The biggest WLAN network in Switzerland

Safe, unlimited surfing free of charge

Go easy on data volumes and save on costs too

Register once, stay connected

Surf free of charge in over 500,000 locations

Practical in numerous situations, for example:

No mobile data

Mobile data exhausted or no mobile reception? Look for the closest homespot and continue surfing.

For tablets

Do you have a tablet without a SIM card? With the Wi-Free homespots, you can also surf the net free of charge when you’re out and about.


Surf the net abroad free of charge and save on roaming costs (e.g. in the Netherlands, Ireland or Poland).
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Here’s how it works: set password and connect

You only need to complete these three steps once:

1. Set password

Log in to My UPC and click on “My products”, “Internet” and “Wi-Free”. Set your personal password and memorise it.

2. Find a homespot

Search for a Wi-Free homespot outside your home. If you are close to a Wi-Free network, you will see it in the WLAN network menu of your smartphone or tablet.

3. Connect device

Connect your smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Free network using your personal Wi-Free password (see step 1).



1. Access the settings of your mobile device.

2. Access the Wi-Fi settings.

3. Activate Wi-Fi and select the “UPC Wi-Free” network.

4. Enter your My UPC user name (usually your e-mail address) and the Wi-Free password and click on “Join”.

5. A certificate opens. Click on “Accept”.

6. You are now connected to“UPC Wi-Free”.



1. Access the settings of your mobile device.

2. Access the Wi-Fi settings.

3. Select the “UPC Wi-Free” network.

4. Select “PEAP” as the EAP method and “MSCHAPV2” as the authentication.

5. Enter your My UPC username (usually your e-mail address) under identity and your Wi-Free password under password. Then click “Connect”. If you are asked if you want an anonymous identity, please leave this field empty.

6. You are now connected to“UPC Wi-Free”.


Windows Phone 8.0

1. Access the settings of your mobile device.

2. Access the WiFi settings.

3. Select the “UPC Wi-Free” network.

4. Enter your My UPC user name (usually your e-mail address) and the Wi-Free password and click on “Finish”.

5. Click on “Yes”.

6. You are now connected to“UPC Wi-Free”.


Other devices



Wi-Free Switzerland

National coverage

Connecting with Wi-Free is possible at thousands of locations throughout Switzerland. Find the Wi-Free homespots near you here.

  • = Currently active Wi-Free hotspots
    (actual availability may vary).
Wi-Free abroad

Coverage in Europe

Thanks to the international Wi-Free concept, you can also surf the Internet for free at millions of locations abroad and by doing so save roaming costs in a simple way. The network name may differ from “UPC Wi-Free”, depending on the country you are visiting. Your user name and password for logging in are the same as in Switzerland, however. Look on the map to see where Wi-Free is already available and follow the steps to connect with Wi-Free.

Network names
Country Network name
UPC WifiSpots / Ziggo
Ireland Horizon Wi-Free
Austria UPC Wi-Free
Hungary, Poland, Romania UPC Wi-Free
Czech Republic
UPC Wi-Free

Step 1 – Make a note of the network Show Hide

Look for the country in which you wish to use Wi-Free in the table and make a note of the network name. Please note: if you were able to connect successfully with Wi-Free in Switzerland, you will be connected automatically in Hungary, Poland and Romania and do not need to configure anything.

Step 2 – Search for network Show Hide

As soon as you have arrived in the destination country, search for the corresponding Wi-Free network name.

Step 3 – Login Show Hide

If you have found the network, log in with your My UPC username and Wi-Free password, just like you did in Switzerland.

Step 4 – Connect Show Hide

After connecting successfully with Wi-Free in the destination country, you will be connected automatically whenever Wi-Free is available.

Backgrounds: all info about Wi-Free
Two separate networks

Your upc cablecom WLAN modem transmits on two separate wireless networks. These are completely independent of one another. Only you have access to your private network. The second network is used for Wi-Free and is registered in the name of “UPC Wi-Free” for all WLAN modems. You can deactivate the second wireless network at any time via My UPC. If you do so, however, you will no longer be able to benefit from the advantages of Wi-Free.

Full bandwidth at home

You will continue to surf your private network at full speed. The additional Internet performance required for Wi-Free will be provided by upc cablecom and will not affect your Internet speed.

The “shareconomy” principle

The more people who participate, the more each individual benefits. If you authorise the second Wi-Free network on your modem, you have free Internet access wherever anyone else authorises it. Through the numerous upc cablecom customers, Wi-Free is available at numerous locations throughout Switzerland and is constantly expanding – with every new customer.

Log in once – stay connected

After the first login at a Wi-Free hotspot, your mobile device connects automatically when you are out and about as soon as Wi-Free is available. Laborious login procedures are a thing of the past!



What do I have to do to use Wi-Free?

First you have to go to My UPC, your free customer centre, and create your personal Wi-Free password.


The first time you are in a Wi-Free hotspot, log in once using your My UPC user name and your Wi-Free password. Click here for more details on how this works for different devices.


Please note: it is not possible to connect to Wi-Free on your own WLAN Modem.

Why can't I connect to Wi-Free?

Here you will find possible causes and recommended solutions if you are unable to connect your mobile devices to Wi-Free.


Please be aware that most mobile devices do not indicate the exact cause of the failure to connect and that the problem cannot always be solved by upc cablecom.

Which devices can I use with Wi-Free?

In principle, you can use all devices with a WLAN receiver to connect to Wi-Free (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Android/Windows phones and tablets, Macs and PCs).

Click here for instructions on how to connect different devices to Wi-Free.

Wi-Free connections are available throughout the upc cablecom network. Local availability depends on whether you are at a Wi-Free hotspot.


Please note: it is not possible to connect to Wi-Free on your own WLAN Modem.