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As a upc cablecom Internet customer, Wi-Free will allow you to surf the net free of charge in thousands of locations throughout Switzerland. The principle is simple: the upc cablecom Internet customers’ WLAN modems become part of the Wi-Free network. This works automatically and is completely secure as the private network remains unaffected.

Your advantages
  • Unlimited and secure
  • Save on data volumes and costs for mobile surfing
  • A simple way to stay connected
Quick, one-off registration
  • Log in to My UPC
  • Click on "Wi-Free" under "My products" and “Internet”
  • Select your personal Wi-Free password

Wi-Free will be progressively activated from mid-September.
From the beginning of October, Wi-Free will be available throughout Switzerland. You can already register for or deactivate Wi-Free via My UPC.

It couldn’t be easier: as a upc cablecom Internet customer, you benefit from an increasingly dense network and help to make Wi-Free even bigger. The solution is completely secure and protects your privacy.

Two separate networks

Your upc cablecom WLAN modem transmits on two separate wireless networks. These are completely independent of one another. Only you have access to your private network.


The second network is used for Wi-Free and is registered in the name of “UPC Wi-Free” for all WLAN modems.


You can deactivate the second wireless network at any time via My UPC. If you do so, however, you will no longer be able to benefit from the advantages of Wi-Free.

Full bandwidth at home

You will continue to surf your private network at full speed. The additional Internet performance required for Wi-Free will be provided by upc cablecom and will not affect your Internet speed.

The “shareconomy” principle

The more people who participate, the more each individual benefits. If you authorise the second Wi-Free network on your modem, you have free Internet access wherever anyone else authorises it. Through the numerous upc cablecom customers, Wi-Free is available at numerous locations throughout Switzerland and is constantly expanding – with every new customer.

Log in once – stay connected

After the first login at a Wi-Free hotspot, your mobile device connects automatically when you are out and about as soon as Wi-Free is available. Laborious login procedures are a thing of the past!


As soon as Wi-Free is available throughout Switzerland, you will be able to log in at thousands of locations.

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