Small but impressive - our DigiCard

The DigiCard from upc cablecom is a small plug-in card with an integrated smartcard that is used to receive digital television via the latest generation of cable connections. An additional receiver (set-top box) is therefore no longer needed to view digital television in your living room. The only requirement is a CI+ compatible television (more information is available under television sets). Simply insert the DigiCard and start enjoying digital television – without the need for any additional devices, cables or remote controls.


Our TV offers and bundles (with TV included) are all available with a mediabox or a DigiCard depending on the subscription.

What does CI+ mean?

CI+ is an enhancement of the Common Interface (CI) standard. CI relates to a device interface that is used for the receipt of digital television.

The advantages of the DigiCard:
  • No set-top box is required in order to receive digital television
  • No additional remote control is needed
  • No additional electricity usage
  • No cable spaghetti
  • The device can be installed quickly and simply
The DigiCard doesn’t support the following:
  • Video or TV on Demand
  • Recording not possible

Is your television compatible with the DigiCard?


Are you interested in the DigiCard?