TV on Demand

Watch TV whenever
you want!


No need to worry any more if you miss an episode. With TV on Demand you can watch TV programmes anytime you like.

How TV on Demand works

Simply press the On Demand button on your
remote control and select your favourite programme.


Do you want to use TV on Demand but
don't yet have a Digital TV subscription?



What you need in order to enjoy
TV on Demand

In order to enjoy TV on Demand two conditions must be met.

You must have a upc cablecom Mediabox.

The service must be available at your address.
Check if you can enjoy TV on Demand

......and ensure that your Mediabox is correctly connected.


TV on Demand highlights


Catch up on TV programmes you have missed the next day, pause them, fast forward and rewind: With the Replay feature you can watch TV programmes aired the last 30 hours for free. Subtitles and language options are still available with Replay. The function includes 77 channels, 30 of those in HD.

SRF Player

View your favourite programme at leisure a week after it was broadcasted. With upc cablecom you can exclusively watch the most popular programmes from SRF 1 or SRF zwei for up to seven days later free of charge – from the news to Giacobbo/Müller or the glanz&gloria show. Enjoy all SRF programmes without any extra monthly charges with your Digital TV subscription.